Sunday, November 25, 2007

Official Cloverfield Poster

The official poster for Cloverfield has appeared online. The poster is the same as previous designs but now shows the official name of the movie has been added and moved to the bottom.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cloverfield Monster Clip

From Slashfilm via Mania is a slow motion clip taken from the recent Cloverfield trailer that briefly shows off the Godzilla like monster in Cloverfield.

Cloverifeld Trailer Shot By Shot

1-18-08 blog has up a series of pics that compare the teaser trailer and the current trailer showing CGI improvements and changes made. It also provides a shot by shot still images of the trailer, perfect for those that don't want to keep hitting the pause bottom to get details.

Click here to check it out.

Official Cloverfield Site Up

The official site for Cloverfield,, is now officially up. The only thing it currently has though is a hi-res image of the main movie poster and links back to Apple for the trailers.

Cloverfield's Slusho In Heroes

Heroes Producer Greg Breeman has posted pics of the various casts members holding Slusho cups with the note ""Now, the next group of photos falls into the “don’t ask/don’t tell” category. I credit Greg Yaitanes for staging all these pix, under the supervision of Joe Pokaski. Their cultural significance will become clear in the coming months, so… pay attention!"

Slusho is an J.J. Abrams creation that is currently being used to help promote Cloverfield (not sure how, but it is). I am thinking the "product" ties into the how and why the creature attacks New York in the movie but since no details really exist, its all speculation on my part. Does this mean that Heroes folks will pop up in Cloverfield? Pics below.

Monday, November 19, 2007

HD Cloverfield Trailer Now Online is bringing the official version of the Cloverfield trailer so no longer have to rely on the small and blurry YouTube version. Having seen the trailer before Beowulf (good movie) I personally having serious concerns about the jerky camera. Blair Witch Project gave me a major headache and the camera jerks appear to be much more frequent and actually worse based on the trailer. Pain or motion sickness pill free with each movie ticket perhaps?

Click here to see the trailer in various sizes.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Lizzy Caplan Interview and Cloverfield Gallery has posted up an interview with Lizzy Caplan, one of the stars of Cloverfield. Included in the interview is a gallery of 12 still pics from the upcoming movie.

The full interview is here.
The gallery is here.

- Auditioned for movie using scenes from Alias and in some cases content written only for the auditions. As a result didn't know much about the character when signing on.
- Signed on basically without seeing the script because a fan of "Lost" but has decided that from now on (unless if Woody Allen or Wes Anderson caliber) will not sign on without knowing what it is.
- To avoid leaks, scripts are red and watermarked with actor's name (to screw up copying and identify the leaker). Did say speculation has been inaccurate citing YouTube videos that have been analyzing the teaser trailer from this summer.
- To avoid leaks from the set from the paparazzi, messed around with the titles including once using "Chocolate Outrage."
- Said that with the lack of big names stars the movie looks like it cost $150 million but didn't. The movie also didn't do turn arounds, close-ups and coverage so that means a lot less takes and reset which also probably saved a bundle.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Title of Project Cloverfield is.....

... Cloverfield! Yep, instead of 1-18-08, Monstrous and all the other rumored titles, it appears that J.J. Abrams and company has decided to go with the name that has come synonymous with the movie.

This information comes via a cellphone grab of the trailer that played with Beowulf. Hopefully a better version will be online soon. Just be aware that theatres usually have flexibility on what trailers they play so no guarantee on a consistent Beowulf and Cloverfield trailer matchup.

From a marketing perspective it makes the most sense as a new title would basically require them to start over in selling the movie. Instead its a continuation of the ongoing web rumors and talk about this movie. Below is the cellphone grab of the trailer for Cloverfield, directed by J.J. Abrams.

Updated trailer with a better quality version.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cloverfield Trailer Description has written a description of the trailer for Cloverfield / 01-18-08 / Monstrous / whateverelse that is rumored to be attached to Beowulf. Probably the most interesting part is the title card, which was Cloverfield. Yet the code name could be the title of the film or it could simply be a placeholder until the official release. Also the mother monster and smaller monster rumors seem to be true. Based on the description, the film might need to come with a "could cause motion sickness" warning label.

The full article is here.

It opens with text:
Multiple sightings of case designate 'Cloverfield'
Camera retrieved at incident site 'U.S. 447'
(Area formerly known as Central Park)

Then we see the footage from the teaser trailer, mostly fast forwarded up to the end, with the explosion and the Statue of Liberty's head landing in the middle of the street. Then there's a guy speaking into the camera.

Guy: My name is Robert Hawkins. Approximately seven hours ago, someTHING attacked the city.

There are flashes of chaos. Much of the trailer is made up of split second moments, and when combined with the fact that it's extreme shaky cam style and that I was watching a terrible copy, it can be hard to make things out. There's a helicopter shot of the headless Statue of Liberty.

Guy again: I have no idea what it is. If you found this,if you're watching this thing, you know more about it than i do.

Then there's a shot of jets flying overhead, in daylight.

A title card reads 'From producer JJ Abrams'

There's more flashes of chaos, there's a guy on a cellphone trying to find out where 'Beth' is, and then there's a girl yelling, 'We cannot go in the middle of the city! we've got to get out of here!'

More chaos. More quick shots. I imagine this stuff will be picked apart when the trailer debuts online.

Over this is what seems to be a conversation between an Army guy and a girl.

Army dude: There's nothing we can do right now

Girl: do you know what that thing is?

Army dude: Whatever it is, it's winning.

More flashes. An argument:

Guy 1: We have no idea what's out there!

Guy 2: I don't care what's out there. Listen to me - she's dying!

Then there's footage of army guys running and shadows on a wall. Shadows of a screaming woman being attacked by a small monster (possibly two - either she's being pulled away from the monster by someone behind her or there's another monster behind her). It's confirmed: the movie has a big beast and small ones. Like the American Godzilla.

People are hiding in a store, and there are huge thumps making everything shake. The windows of the store explode in.

The big sequence is next: Army guys running up a street, firing into the air. Tanks come up behind them, firing. Rockets launch up.

We see the big monster briefly passing between two buildings. I couldn't make it out at all, but it appeared to be HUGE.

Characters race down subway steps, there's a giant explosion, the cameraman is down, there's a figure in a tunnel, people are yelling 'Run!' and running through the tunnel.

Outside of Central Park, a horse drawn carriage goes by.

Guy: Are you still filming?

Cameraman: Yeah. People are going to want to know... how it all went down.

Shot of the Brooklyn Bridge. A helicopter taking off. Some chaos. Then inside the copter girls screaming as the copter spins out of control.

Cut to black, then the title comes up: Cloverfield.