Friday, November 16, 2007

Lizzy Caplan Interview and Cloverfield Gallery has posted up an interview with Lizzy Caplan, one of the stars of Cloverfield. Included in the interview is a gallery of 12 still pics from the upcoming movie.

The full interview is here.
The gallery is here.

- Auditioned for movie using scenes from Alias and in some cases content written only for the auditions. As a result didn't know much about the character when signing on.
- Signed on basically without seeing the script because a fan of "Lost" but has decided that from now on (unless if Woody Allen or Wes Anderson caliber) will not sign on without knowing what it is.
- To avoid leaks, scripts are red and watermarked with actor's name (to screw up copying and identify the leaker). Did say speculation has been inaccurate citing YouTube videos that have been analyzing the teaser trailer from this summer.
- To avoid leaks from the set from the paparazzi, messed around with the titles including once using "Chocolate Outrage."
- Said that with the lack of big names stars the movie looks like it cost $150 million but didn't. The movie also didn't do turn arounds, close-ups and coverage so that means a lot less takes and reset which also probably saved a bundle.

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