Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lawsuit Confirms Star Wars 7 Character

A lawsuit filed by Disney against image host ImageShack has also verified a picture leak of a Star Wars: The Force Awakens character is from the film and not a fan creation. The picture (right) shows the face view of Kylo Ren who is the same character seen from the back of the recent trailer that wields a sword light-saber. It is assumed the character is the film's bad guy but that hasn't been confirmed.

The lawsuit is rather moronic but probably a response to pressure from JJ Abrams to make an example of someone to prevent future leaks. Abrams is notorious for wanting to keep every aspect of his films secret with no detail being to small to keep hush-hush (like the face mask of character). If those secrets were critical to the enjoyment of his films I could get it but in most cases they are irrelevant and do nothing to add or takeaway from the film. They are just minor details that reveal nothing of plot. It should be noted that at this point after tracking the director/writer's career I will not lie - my expectations on this film are pretty damn low. I suspect that Abrams will make the Superman Returns mistakes of dipping into the nostalgia well a little too deep and just rehashing previous films. I am really hoping I am wrong and he breaks his pattern of great idea with poor follow through (see Alias, Lost, Felicity, Star Wars films, Cloverfield, you get the idea) but nonsense like this lawsuit does little to make me think otherwise. Amusingly I suspect if the next trailer (probably attached to Avengers: Age of Ultron) doesn't reveal most of these characters than the toy leaks will.