Friday, August 31, 2007

More Monster Rumors from AICN

AICN has posted another post about the monster that may be in Cloverfield. This time the suggestion is the giant monster unleashes "parasites" that will attack the populace. Smaller creatures that may or may not look like raptors, as is the current rumor going around.

A friend if mine who was [relation to the film deleted by editor] told me there's thousands upon thousands of "parasites" on the big monster that leap off and attack everything in sight after it's been hit by some tank shells.

Supposedly they are sort of "Alien" looking with five or six claw like legs.

PS - the movie is (sort of) a modern day version of "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms " . Which if you ever seen it was about a giant monster attacking NYC. Interesting. So, maybe the "parasites" our reader talks about here are essentially the "raptors" referenced in the article linked above?

Another thought...

We've been hearing very spotty (and wholly unconfirmed) implications that the creature in the film may have something to do with a whale. Personally, I can't quite visualize this - the image that springs to mind is goofy as hell.

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