Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fringe Casts Nimoy (Updated)

Ausiello Files is reporting that J.J. Abrams has tapped legendary Star Trek actor and director Leonard Nimoy to play William Bell. Bell is Walter Bishop's former lab partner that created Massive Dynamic. That corporation is considered central to "The Pattern" problems that the main characters investigate and often have origins to Bishop and Bell experiments.
It was a delight to work with Mr. Nimoy on Star Trek," J.J. tells me. "The idea that he will play the mysterious, much-referenced William Bell is a thrill. I know I sound like a goofy fan boy, but I can't help it: Leonard is an icon of the genre and such a wonderful actor. To have him come on board Fringe is a mind-blowing honor."

The character is slated to debut in next month's season finale and then return in the fall for an extended arc.
Update: E Online has posted an interview with Fringe co-creator Roberto Orci about the casting of Nimoy and plans for the character of William Bell.
is William Bell the answer to some of the questions we've been asking about the Bishops and Olivia?
Several answers will come outside of William Bell, and then William Bell will be the beginning of the answers to even bigger questions.

How do you see the relationship between Walter Bishop (John Noble) and William Bell (Leonard Nimoy)?
We always imagine that they were two of the smartest guys in their classes, and they went through the Ivy League together. At that point in college, you're discovering yourself, but these guys, the intelligent geniuses they are, they might come to conclusions about what's important in this world. So we always imagine that they were very much like each other, very much friends, and very much a team—brothers in a way, and that life took them in different directions, either complementary or not directions, and we're going to find out.

Do Walter and William take those different approaches to the Pattern?
That's absolutely right. They have not only different approaches to the Pattern, but different interpretations of what the Pattern is. The Pattern is slightly in the eye of the beholder, you're going to find out. And sometimes what you think is real can become real. In a way, these two are the top minds in the world attempting to figure out the Pattern and how to react to it, based on their world view.

When will we first see William Bell?
We're going to want to build the anticipation to meeting him as much as we can. So close to the finish line.
EW's Ausiello Files provided a little bit more detail how when the character will show up this season and next.
Question: Leonard Nimoy as William Bell on Fringe? In a word, awesome. How long will he be around for? --Jeremy
Ausiello: He'll appear in one scene in the May 12 finale and then return next season for three more episodes. I hear the character's arc was significantly cut back to accommodate Nimoy, who was only interested in doing a handful of episodes. The moral of this story: A little Leonard Nimoy is better than no Leonard Nimoy.

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