Monday, May 17, 2010

Super 8 Viral Site Countdown Ends

The "download" countdown discovered on has ended and the result is a little bit of more teaser information about Super 8. Super 8 is the next movie written and directed by JJ Abrams that remains completely mysterious with the only real information coming from the trailer released a week ago. has compiled the current new information with the latest site update. The result is more questions, no answers. Now the website loads but the only command that works currently is "PRINT RSCOM8" which shows the newspaper clipping below. The first page is an ad for Rocket Poppeteers, another Super 8 viral website that is currently down. The second page is transcript of President John's F. Kennedy's "Radio and Television Address to the American People on the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty" from July 26, 1963 which suggests the paper pages might be from that day or more likely July 27th.

On each page are X's one assumes caused by the editor that when aligned cover up the words "no certainty if a live may be after us we go underground" which can be swapped around to make a complete sentence with various meanings, assuming the alignment trick is a clue. On the first page, a Captain "Coop" Cooper is shown as the spokesperson for Rocket Poppeteers which could be based on Colonel Gordon Cooper who was an astronaut that said to have seen a UFO in 1957 and had taken pictures and film of it (probably with a Super 8). His footage was added to the official Air Force's investigation into UFOs called Project Blue Book. The movie is assumed to have an alien angle, details of which remain completely murky so this may be a way to introduce the origin of the film's story.

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