Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Super 8 HD Trailer and Secret Website

Last week was the official announcement and trailer for Super 8, the next movie that J.J. Abrams is writing and directing with Steven Spielberg producing. While the film will not start filming until this fall, the teaser trailer was released with Iron Man 2. Until now only bootleg copies were available online but now the official HD version is at Apple.com.

The official website is also up, which currently just links to other things including ability to sign up for updates. Super 8 being an Abrams project, according to TrekMovie.com there is a viral website that was found embedded (somehow) in the frames of the trailer. Scariestthingieversaw.com is a very old school design site. It has a "Copyright CBCD ata 2002" message on load and then a very old style desktop appears with a command line program. Very early 80s in design. Follow the various prompts to "load" a program which seems to hang at a certain point and slowly load. Trek speculates that is a timer counting down to May 15th.

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