Thursday, May 6, 2010

Super 8 Trailer Description

Film Popper has posted a description of the trailer for J.J. Abrams' mysterious next movie called Super 8. Since the announcement of the trailer, there has been lots of speculation about what the movie could be about. At this point all we know is it's not related to Cloverfield. Spoiler Warning!
The trailer starts with a black screen, that says Steven Spielberg is the producer. Then a small written narrative begins that reads something like this. “In 1970 Area 51 was closed down and everything was shipped to an undisclosed location in Ohio”. Then you see a train carrying lots of cargo loads. Cut to a car driving down the road that jumps up on the tracks and heads straight toward the train. Cut to black screen and then the words “From Director J.J. Abrams”. Then back to the train and car colliding into each other, the train derails, the camera slowly zooms in on one of the tipped over cargo cars of the derailed train, then something is punching on the walls inside the train cart trying to escape. Cut to black screen and then the title ”Super 8“.
Could this be the rumored collaboration between Abrams and Spielberg? Who knows at this point. The trailer description doesn't even verify the cast, writer nor director (but I suspect Abrams was the writer, not the director). (via AICN)

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