Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Abrams' Denies Super 8 Cloverfield Connection

Yesterday it was revealed that JJ Abrams' next film, Super 8, would debut its trailer in front of Iron Man 2 this Friday. Pretty much no one knows what the film is about but early rumors theorized it was possibly a prequel to Cloverfield whose trailer debuted in similar surprise fashion. While at the Time 100 Gala at the Time Warner Center, JJ Abrams spoke with New York Magazine'sVulture, denying a connection to Cloverfield but did not provide any other details.
"You have to check [out the trailer]," he told us. "But it has nothing whatsoever to do with Cloverfield, despite your expert reporting." So what does it have to do with? "I won’t be able to tell you until it’s done," he said.

We asked if 8's trailer was really sent to theaters in canisters requiring special codes to open. "That is correct," Abrams told us. Certainly such conspicuous security measures only invite the kind of scrutiny that can ruin carefully planned surprises, though, right? "I don’t know if it would matter with you guys," he said, laughing. "I don’t think it matters."
To summarize the verified facts about Super 8 is has a trailer coming this Friday, Abrams is involved in some unknown fashion and trailer has lots of security (which probably means more theatres then normal will not attach it to Iron Man).

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