Friday, January 18, 2008

Uh Oh Mass Media Reviews Cloverfield

The movie is out! Mass media give its opinion as do some fans. While the online publications have embraced the movie, it appears the old stalwarts of mass media are less then thrilled with it. Be sure to comment on what you think.

Entertainment Weekly - B+; Liked the action, hated the first 20 minutes, found the characters dull.

Austin Chronicle - 4 stars; enjoyed "Reeves' direction...sylistically invisible screenplay that dispenses entirely with any and all genre rules."

NY Times - 3/5 rating; "this new monster is nothing more than a blunt instrument designed to smash and grab without Freudian complexity or political is too dumb to offend anything except your intelligence, and the monster does cut a satisfying swath through the cast, so your only complaint may be, What took it so long?"

NY Post - "...combines unpleasantness and stupidity to a degree that would be difficult to match unless you were stuck in bed with a case of the shingles"

Washington Post - "Dialogue that consists largely of OH MY GOD!!? The anti-cinematic aesthetic that is coming to govern our visual lives? All of the above, plus another slimy monster, engaged in an extreme makeover of Manhattan."

LA Weekly - "cheap and opportunistic", "Cloverfield's first-person ?videography has little sense of purpose" and "screenplay that seems to be out on strike"

Film Threat - 3.5 stars; Overall good review, didn't like the bland characters, and found it "clever enough."

Premiere Magazine - 3 stars; One of the few reviewers that like the "convincing chemistry" of the cast. Noted don't see the monster much but didn't mind.

AICN Capone Review - "CLOVERFIELD, at its core, is a lightning-strike awesome monster movie."

From Reelzchannel, fans comment after seeing the film (but its semi-advertisement so...).

As of this point (6:40EST) Rotten Tomatoes is showing that 78% of the critics where favorable with average rating of 6.9/10 while site users where with 53% favorable, 5.1/10 average rating. Of note though is while the critics hovered in the 3-4 range for their reviewing, the fans basically either loved it or hated it.

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