Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More Cloverfield Reviews

2 Days and counting and Cloverfield hits theatres. Yesterday was the sneak peak in several cities across the countries so reviews should start becoming plentiful. Also of note is verification that JJ Abrams current project does have a teaser trailer for Star Trek XI attached (description here). Most of the reviews come from AICN, all enjoyed the movie, expressed love for the character Hud, but did have reservations.

Quint Review - Good movie but warns of high expectations. It entertains but does contain "shallow character work" and maybe 6-7 minutes of the various actual monsters is seen total.

Latauro Review - Thought the monster was great, enjoyed the realism, found the "Dawson's Creek" 20 minute get to know them opening tedious and fake, and had moments that where contrived.

Massawym Review - Absolutely freaking loved the movie. The entire review is a love letter to the film creator's.

Dark Horizon's Review - Notes that having to high expectations could kill your enjoyment, if go in knowing its Blair Witch Project style mixed with Godzilla and nothing more, will enjoy the "effective thrill ride." Warns that the shaky cam is much worse then the Bourne films. Was not impressed with the "underwritten good looking...yuppies and slackers...stock roles." To sum: "A fun but forgettable B-movie ride."

15 AICN Fan Reviews - Mixed reviews from AICN site fans. A mixed bag so probably a good source to determine if the movie is for you since its a fan versus reviewer approach.

Newsarama Review - Enjoyed the film, the realism, and the approach. Not so happy about the dull first 20 minutes.

Update: Added more reviews above.

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