Monday, August 13, 2007

Possible Film Ending, Wrap Call Sheet

SPOILER WARNING Proceed at your own risk. is reporting that a call sheet and video (here or below) from "nooneimportant77" provides insight on a possible ending of the movie and how it may not be 100% Blair Witch Style with handheld cams. Its also possible its just an event that occurs during the course of the movie.

From the article:
Greyshot Arch - West 61st Street
1:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Two friends run into a tunnel and hide
SPFX bricks fall
various fallen debris in the park”

- Above friends are Rob and Beth hiding under a bridge as debris falls on them.

Central Park South b/t 7th Avenue -
Columbus Circle

A group of friends find that Central Park South is empty and abandoned
A horse & carrage trots by
3 scissor lifts & (1) 86′ condor for lighting
20 BG cars”

- Probably an establishing shot for after the attack.
- Also the source indicated that a line he heard "there is one up there" might indicate more then one monster for the film, but admits its speculation.
- The person also noticed the use of professional film equipment belying the belief that the film would be done 100% Blair Witch style where someone is supposedly always using a cam to record events (thank god if true, that style just gives me a raging headache).
There is also video from the source, see below, that shows Paramount set equipment and pre-prep work for the above scene.

Further supporting this source is a call sheet form (image below, PDF here) that seems to cover events just after the above as Rob and Beth remove themselves from the bridge and go to her wrecked home. A possible alternate ending just has it focus on them under the bridge and ending there. Based on the call sheet, this seems to indicate that principle photography of Cloverfield/Cheese/whateverelse ended on August 6th, 2007.

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