Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Alien and Slusho Rumor Video

A new video from 1-18-08News.com presents a few new clues about Cloverfield, supposedly from an inside source. Some of the info is back up by an article in the New York Post and some it seems a little out there to me. There are also several new posters in the video that seem to pump up the monster angle of the movie but apparently those where fan mock-ups.

From the video (see below) and article:
- The movie budget is $30 million
- The villain is an alien, not a monster.
- Creature is awoken by large quantities of Slusho at Rob's party and kills those that consumed it.
- The article suggests that the movie is about the friends the day before the attack on New York.
- The claw mark on the back of the Statue of Liberty in the released poster is similar to an ability of Cthulu but isn't that creature, that can help identify what it may be. I am thinking horn.
- In the trailer, there is a large explosion, apparently caused by blown gas lines as the creature bursts through the New York bedrock. Within that you can see a face.

My view point by point:
- The budget. The movie is coming out in January, a period that is dead box office wise. Usually smaller budget movies are released then. Also JJ Abrams comes from TV where they are better at getting the most out of a limited budget. This seems very reasonable.
- The alien theory. Its possible, don't see why the creature can't be an alien but I remain unconvinced.
- Slusho awakes creature and acts as GPS. This smells of a red herring to me. Other then being an out there theory, way way out there, it also creates a hole in the storyline if true. Why "now"? Why didn't the creature awake when Slusho was manufactured? Why not when shipped, or stocked in stores? I assume greater quantities then would be at a party (never mind why Slusho instead of beer a party of 20 somethings). If the creature can burst through bedrock...why downtown New York rather then under the party? I say this theory is flat out wrong. Its two bizarre and would break suspicion of disbelief. More likely Slusho is either derived from the creature or creates the creature.
- Plot is a flashback of friends together. Abrams is in love with the flashback in a way that isn't quite normal. Its becomes a signature thing for him. That fits the plot theory. The budget, if at $30M, also does as a friendship movie bookended by things go boom is much cheaper then a movie all about a creature siege. Of course, there is nothing stopping the movie from simply being both, using the flashback for character development that is interspersed with the current attack. This one is plausible to me.
- Slash on SoL's back indicates the creatures makeup. Sure why not. I guess it would have to or they would designed it that way. Of course, why take the head off of the Statue, dive under New York City and burst through the bedrock in the city? Seems like one theory may disprove another. Unless two of them?
- Face in the explosion. I see what referring to but I think reaching in this case. I go with nope on this one.
As always, just remember that the only confirmed about this movie is that the movie is in production. Pretty much everything else is just guesses and rumors.

There is also a clarifing video here, for the interested.

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