Thursday, December 10, 2015

New International Trailer and Two TV Spots for The Force Awakens

The movie is only 8 days from release and the marketing machine continues its march to the finale with more TV spots and interview nuggets. Below are summaries of what I found interesting from various sources or you can read the entire articles by hitting the links here: JJ Abrams Scripting | Han's Trailer Lines | General Leia | Millennium Falcon 2.0

After the quick summary are three new trailers. The first is one with Chinese subtitles that shows off more new footage then all the TV spots combined have (two more of which follow). Its very action heavy so pretty clear that Disney wants those Chinese bucks almost as much as the American ones.

- George Lucas did provide his outlines for Episodes 7-9 but "Disney had determined they wanted to go a different direction."
- Michael Arndt's original script was tossed due to lack of time to finesse it and Lawrence Kasdan wanted to but core elements were kept.
- Han's lines in the trailer, due to lack of context, will mean something different in the movie.
- Leia became a General instead of a Jedi as a decision to run the resistance but "will see again that she's still Force strong."
- Major difference is rectangular radar dish due to circular one being knocked off in Return of the Jedi
- Multiple versions of Falcon made for film both digital, about half the ship in full scale as was one of the weapon bays.

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