Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rogue One With Grand Moff Tarkin?

The latest rumor regarding Star Wars: Rogue One is an interesting but unproven rumor. The Daily Mail (which basically likes to make up news) is reporting that Peter Cushing, who died in 1994, might get a digital resurrection for the movie. The actor played Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars: A New Hope (the older gent that ordered Darth Vader around) and was the commander of the Death Star and responsible for construction. Considering that the movie is about the theft of the Death Star plans that eventually makes their way the Princess Leia for the beginning of A New Hope, it does seems reasonable that the character would appear so the rumor isn't as crazy as it seems on the surface. I assume that there are family or estate permissions to be granted but Star Wars money means those would be cleared with relative ease. As usual time will tell.

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