Friday, August 23, 2013

Star Wars Filming in 35mm

In a change of pace from the now industry standard, it has been revealed that JJ Abrams has chosen to film Star Wars Episode VII in 35mm and chosen cinematographer Dan Mindel for the task. Mindel worked with Abrams on the Star Trek films. The information comes from Mindel himself at an event he was participating in. The news is interesting as most films today are filmed digital and not on film stock as use to be the case for the previous 90 or so years of filming history. If I recall correctly Star Wars Episodes I, II and III were some of the first films to use digital filming for the entire production. This doesn't prevent the movie from going down the latest nonsense with 3D, Imax and so forth. I think the move is mostly to more match how the first three Star Wars films which were done on 35mm and maybe even a touch of getting sick of the cumbersome, sometimes faulty digital cameras that he has used on his last few films.

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