Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Revolution's Map of the Ex-USA

In the 15 year future of JJ Abrams' Revolution where civilization was forced to pre-Industrial Revolution technology, the United States is no more. As a map released by NBC shows, the country has been split into six major regions. So far the story has been focused on the "Monroe Republic" but it turns out the South has become the Georgia Federation, Texas...remains Texas, the Midwest is now the Plains Nation, California has merged with Washington and the desert regions of Nevada, New Mexico and few others has become the "Wasteland". Wonder what that means. In short, it seems show creator Eric Kripke has a plan and its bigger in scope then we thought. Most show creators make the claim of some grander plan (see Lost, X-Files, 24 and a whole host of shows) and later prove that they were making it up script to script. That may not be the case here as Kripke successfully executed his five year plan for Supernatural. This isn't to say he has deep and very specific episode to episode plan, I just mean he has major goalposts in mind, specific themes he wants to explore and a general idea how to get there. It should be interesting to see how the now-fractured United States impacts events as the story progresses. Personally the potential political and military ramifications interest me far more then this silly sister rescuing brother nonsense that has been driving the story so far. (via EW)

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