Monday, July 2, 2012

Lost Castmember Joins Revolution

JJ Abrams' Revolution has added to new cast members to the show that will debut this fall. The always gorgeous Elizabeth Mitchell, who previously worked with Abrams on Lost, joins the cast as the mother of Charlie and Danny (two other stars of the show). Mitchell is joined by Daniella Alonso (Friday Night Lights) as Nora who is part of the revels fighting against the militia that have taken over North America after the world loses all electricity and suddenly reverts to circa mid-1800s technology wise. These all part of ongoing tweaks to the show after the pilot episode with removal of Andrea Roth and Anna Lise Phillips. Sadly it does sound like this show will follow the Terra Nova/Falling Skies formula of focusing on the many ways humanity will hurt (and help) each other while trying to survive some X event. I just hope the execute the formula in a little more interesting fashion then has been done by these other shows as it gets to feel repetitive very quickly.

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