Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bruce Greenwood Is The Super 8 Monster

In an interview with the Montreal Gazette, Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek) revealed that he was Cooper in Super 8. Cooper is the name J.J. Abrams gave to the alien creature in the film. Greenwood wasn't actually in the film but his motion capture work (like was done for Gollum in the Lord of the Rings movies) was used for the creature.
“It’s not your typical acting exercise at all, because you’re really the only person in this room with all these cameras in it. It was a very weird thing to offer up all this big emotion while ...the rest of the people in the room are picking away at the craft services table. And you never really how it will turn out because it’s all left in the hands of the artists and animators who are putting your work together."
So far Super 8 is doing pretty good at the box office with an opening weekend of $35.5 million especially considering the movie was made for less than $100 million (cheap for a summer movie). It will likely do just fine profit wise but not break any records. Like many summer movies nowadays, its success (or failure) will not be determined until the international sales add to the total since more and more the non-US audiences are accounting for the greater percentage of a movies' sales. (via TrekMovie)

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