Wednesday, May 11, 2011

J.J. Abrams' Alcatraz Goes To Series

I lost track of how many television shows that J.J. Abrams' and his Bad Robots production was shooting to hit the fall schedule. So far he is 1 for 1 with Alcatraz getting a order from Fox for the 2011-2012 televison season. The show is one of four new shows already getting orders before the upfronts start. Few details are known about the show and likely more changes will be made between the pilot episode and the what occurs now that the show has been picked up. Exactly how many episodes have not been revealed but I imagine it is in the norma l3 range with potential for more if ratings go well. Also were on the schedule it will go will be released at Fox's upfronts which I think take place next week.

Sadly this and other orders a favorite of mine, Human Target, is official cancelled. Joining it are three shows I have been enjoying - The Chicago Code, Lie To Me and Breaking In which were both very well done and could have become something great if given the opportunity.

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