Saturday, April 2, 2011

Super 8 Mystery Film

JJ Abrams has shown with pretty much all his films that he likes to use the internet in some form or fashion to tease his films and introduce a little back-story. Super 8 is no different has there have been a few sites that might be related to the movie but not confirmed. However, an update to the official website leaves no doubt and was supported by a package that was sent to Entertainment Weekly.
...a mysterious package arrived at EW HQ containing a small, slightly-weathered, so-very-seventies orange box of Kodak Kodachrome 40 super 8 film. Outside the box: An expiration date of “08/1988″ and the numbers “761 7820″. Inside the box: A white plastic cartridge, holding a short reel of film offering about 30 frames of footage – a literal little tease of film. Holding the film strip up to our window, we can see a presidential-looking dude sitting at a desk with a U.S. flag behind him and talks directly to camera. The box also contained an instruction to send an email with a separate code to an address at After doing so, we headed over to the website, clicked on the feature labeled “Editing Room,” and there was our strip of film, dangling from a dark room hook.
If you go to the Editing Room, there are options to scroll through the available strips of film (not really a whole lot) but if you click the "Open/Close" toggle on the right hand side and choose "Play" you can view what little there is to see. From what little is available (only 5 strips out of 100) it seems to be a video brief of some science experiment for the US government but the specific details, what it is for, did it end well or not and so forth are part of what isn't available. No idea what how more will get added but something to check out now and then.

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