Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ving Rhames Out of MI4?

The Independent.ie is reporting that Ving Rhames might be out of Mission: Impossible 4 is an agreement cannot be reached on salary. The actor is pretty straight forward saying that money is the issue.
Ving, 51, is the only actor besides Tom to appear in all three installments of the franchise. But he said: "I don't know (if I'll be in the film), we're negotiating money. If I'm not paid properly, will I be working with him again on this one? No".

Ving, promoting his new film Death Race 2, added: "I live a very simple life. If I'm supposed to make 7.7 million US dollars and they're offering me three, I don't know if that's going to work. I did the last one for more than three million, there's no misunderstanding - it's 7.7 million or no!"
Considering Rhames is currently promoting direct to video Death Race 2, he sure does seem to be overly confident of his negotiating position, value and time. Usually his asking price is reserved for rising B-list or above stars with recent proven box office draw, something that Rhames no longer qualifies. The film has already been in production for well over a month so it seems likely that the studio has decided he simply isn't worth the price.

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