Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fringe Season 2 Spoilers

The second season of Fringe is prepping and a few spoilers have leaked. UGO TV blog has summarized most that have come out in the last month or so.

- Second season debuts Thursday, September 17th with Bones as the lead-in.
- Kirk Acevedo (Charlie Francis) was fired from the show, possibly to be replaced by "Catherine"
- Catherine's character is "mid to late twenties, FBI agent who is "attractive, brash, outspoken, quick-witted and capable. Catherine has a strong personal center that comes from a deep core belief in the wonders of the universe."
- Leonard Nimoy will be back for at least two additional episodes as William Bell.
- JJ Abrams describes second season arc as "building to a very specific type of confrontation...a really interesting shift in the fundamental paradigm at the beginning of next season in a very cool way."

So sadly nothing earth shattering as JJ Abrams continues his rather remarkable secrecy streak going when it comes to his various projects.

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