Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fringe Second Season Likely

Good news for fans and those that work on Fringe, it appears that the show is going to get a second season. In a press Q&A with Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly said, while hedges his bet just a bit "I already know 'Fringe' is a keeper, the show's been a bear creatively because it's been very ambitious. They've really found the storytelling model now ... what you're going to see in the second half in the year, if you follow the serialized story you will not be disappointed, yet the stories really do reset themselves each week. I would not expect it to take off after 'Idol,' but I do think it will tick up another level. If I have a show that we love, but we don't think it can be protected on the fall schedule, we might not put any on the fall schedule."

Realistically though, you don't put a show on after juggernaut American Idol unless your confident that it has the potential to grab an audience and keep them watching.

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