Thursday, September 18, 2008

Massive Dynamic Website

It appears that as part of the promotion for Fringe, JJ Abrams has stared a viral campaign. The company involved with the core conspiracy of the show, "The Pattern", has their own website. The Massive Dynamic's site actually looks slick and feels like a real business website.

The site has contact info, little information on the divisions and other bells and whistles. If you seek tech support for Massive Dynamic products, a number is provided, 1-877-8-MSSDYN (877-867-7396) that has a message that ends with "Please leave a message after the tone and we will find you as soon as possible."

There is also an employee access section of the site but I wasn't able to figure out the username and password combo that might work.

Thanks to Taylor for the find.

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  1. this website is very attractive and the word 'MASSIVE DYNAMICS" wawww its superb watching fringe serease i came to this site.....and more than this,the importent thing is 'm very impressed by this technology and wants to know more..........