Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nine More TV Spots

With Cloverfield only days away, the number of TV spots for this movie is getting quite large. The marketing department for this movie must having a ball editing these things. So if the site loads a little slow, it might be the 18 or so TV spots that now exist. Thinking I might need to remove the trailers sidebar and replace with links if this keeps up. All the below brought to you thanks to Cloverfield Clues.
TV Spot #10 - Some Thing Has Found Us

TV Spot #11 - Discover the Secret

TV Spot #12 - Who Would You Save

TV Spot #13 - Cobra Mix

TV Spot #14 - Breathe

TV Spot #15 - Extreme

TV Spot #16 - Impossible

TV Spot #17 - See It

TV Spot #18 - Arrived

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