Monday, December 17, 2007

AICN Interview With Matt Reeves

AICN's Capone conducted an interview with Cloverfield director Matt Reeves. The discussion is goes from the 5 minute sneak peak that was released on Friday, to shooting to the fan response to the trailers. Mostly its a soft sell of the movie to generate excitement.

Full interview is here.

- Sequence with a collapsing building reminding some of 9/11 (didn't me), realizes might be some concern but its a giant-monster movie that is supposed to reflect fears of its time much like Godzilla and fear of the atom bomb when it was created.
- The single cam point of view was part of the film design from inception. Because of that, allowed for multiple takes with lots of improvisations on the cast (no indication though how much is used in the final product).
- Because of the style, like a home movie that is recorded off and on, the movie will not have the usual back story explanations, events will happen off camera, some events might be cut off unexpectedly and the like.
- The name Cloverfield is simple the "case designate" for the New York monster attack. Not the name of whatever created the monster. So analogous to case #468413.
- Credited Rob Moore at Paramount for the idea of not putting the name into the initial teaser trailer. Also tried to avoid the "The following preview has been approved..." card but wasn't able. Also apparently had to get approval from the flumoxed MPAA to do a trailer that didn't give a title to the movie.
- Apparently the multiple rumored names of the film where the result of trying remain under the radar while filming the movie.

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