Friday, October 19, 2007

Another new website has popped up to enter the online marketing campaign for Cloverfield / 01-18-08. The site is which involves a character from the film, Jamie Rascano (she was one of the identified myspace profiles). The password to enter the site is jllovesth (all lower case, password is case sensitive) and so far the only content on the site is three videos, which have been mirrored on YouTube (see below).

Video 1 is a short little hi and I love you to her boyfriend Teddy Hanssen with the ironic ending of "don't show this to anyone on the Internet." Followed about how she is getting a bladder infection.
Video 2 covers a gift that Jamie received from Teddy and told not to open until 12/9 and she loves her man.
Video 3 discusses Jamie meeting the dreaded ex-girlfriend, who threatens to create lies to break Jamie and Teddy up. Apparently a bad day for her all around and the long distance relationship is stressing her.

Jamie and Teddy Video 1

Jamie and Teddy Video 2

Jamie and Teddy Video 3

Overall, the videos do nothing in regards to the Cloverfield mystery. So far its seems designed mostly to get you to know the character and her long distance boyfriend back story. Information and password provided by Cloverfield Clues.

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