Tuesday, September 25, 2007

AICN Creature FX Rumor

As a sign of the lack of information regarding Cloverfield, AICN has run this unconfirmed rumor on who may or may not be working on the creature effects for Cloverfield.

I was at ADAPT2007 in Montreal today (a fair where high-profile people come and speak about their work on movies, games and television) and Phil Tippett's (from Star Wars, Starship Troppers and Robocop fame to name a few) Tippet Studios are working on a very big hush-hush project with J.J. Abrams which he wouldn't name.

Since he mostly does creatures, could it be something for that untitled JJ movie coming soon? Considering Tippett's track record for creature design and animation, I think we'll be in for a treat!

If you use this, call me Fronsac
Considering the film is wrapped and in its post-production phase, the creature design phase would already been completed and now it would just be implementing and touching it via CGI in the film?

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