Thursday, August 2, 2007

New Title May Be "Overnight"?

Another rumor coming out is the actual title of project Cloverfield is Overnight. The theory is based on multiple pieces of information. One is the plot of the movie seems to take place in one night (ie overnight) on 1/18/08. Another is that the filing of a trademark for "Overnight" by lawyers affiliated with JJ Abrams and Bad Robot (Abram's production company).

Apparently Group One Productions, LLC, and Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer registered a trademark (#77232885) “Overnight” on July 18, 2007, for the use in “motion picture, television and music production and distribution services.” The Attorney of Record for the trademark is Lori N. Boatright, who was also the Attorney of Record for “SLUSHO!,” “SLUSHO! YOU CAN’T DRINK JUST SIX,” and “BAD ROBOT” trademarks (#77229623, #77229614, and #76340985).

Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer Austen Mandelbaum & Morris represents a few hundred Hollywood actors and a couple directors/producers. Jim Jackoway is an attorney, known to represent J.J. Abrams. He also happens to be the registrant for Jackoway was also the original registrant for, but it was changed to Satoshi before the trailer was released. One thing is for sure, Bad Robot is using Jackoway Tyreman Wertheimer as a cover to basically “launder” all connections to the movie.
I have to admit as far as proof goes this is pretty good. However, I doubt Abrams company is working on just one project so the title could be for that, nor has the plot of the movie been confirmed. Personally, given a choice between the available titles, I would go with Monstrous. Its more informative (better for marketing) and just seems to invoke a sense of danger. Overnight just makes me think "romance movie?".

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