Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Cloverfield MySpace Profiles?

Using the flipped pictures from 01-18-08, site reader JayFive made an interesting discovery.

He performed a Google search for "Jamie Lascano". The first result brings you to a MySpace page, which has as friends the ever present MySpace Tom and 6 other people. Those six other people only have as friends Tom (don't they know he can be removed), and the other six. So basically its this tight network of seven friends, where 4 of the names on the backside of the pictures just happens to match. Adding to that, all are of the same age, look like some of the people in the pics, and all from New York.

Each MySpace profile is altered to fit the person's interests and personality, completely filled out as one usually expects for the site. The blogs in some cases go back as far as February of last year, but that's easy enough to cheat if myspace admins are helping out. Its just a database change on the dates.

I think these pages are part of the Cloverfield website network. The pages hint at what character type each will be for the movie (think kindhearted geek, hot cheerleader but not stuck up, kind jock that defends the underdogs, and so forth) but I don't know for sure.

The pages and assuming 7 main characters of Cloverfield are:

Beth McIntrye - 26, seems to be looking for Mr. Right
Rob Hawkins - "Robbie", 26
Hudson Platt - "Platt", 26, comic book geek and probably the group clown. Sadly I can identify every character in the background pics used for his page.
Lily Ford - 26, very liberal, maybe the loud opinionated character.
Marlena Diamond - 26, not sure what type she is.
Jamie Rascano - 25, the party girl of the group.
JJ Hawkins - 28, guessing the "J" from the flipped pics because the writing is so different from Jamie.

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