Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Monstrous" Title of Cloverfield?

Blurry cell phone pics released online indicate that the possible title of the JJ Abrams' project codenamed Cloverfield or Slusho could be called "Monstrous". This belief is fulled by the poster which depicts a headless statue of liberty in the foreground with a possibly devastated New York City in the background. The pic at end of the post is another blurry pic that shows Transformers poster on the left, Monstrous in the middle, and 30 Days of Night on the right.

The speculation that this is definitely the title of the film is further fueled by speculation on what the story could be about from the forums:
In Jewish belief, Behemoth is the primal unconquerable monster of the land, as Leviathan is the primal monster of the waters of the sea and Ziz the primordial monster of the sky.

1) The first monster roar is accompanied by an earthquake (Behemoth)
2) The second monster roar is accompanied by a huge fireball (Leviathan, for it can breathe fire)
3) The third monster roar is accompanied by the flying Statue of Liberty head (Ziz).

Not convinced?

The guy who says "maybe we can get a better view from the roof" has the Slusho logo on his shirt. Slusho is a classic J.J. Abrams icon, and it has appeared in both Alias and Lost, which are his shows. has, by now, been confirmed as a part of the viral marketing campaign revolving around 1-18-08. Japan. Strangely enough, the character Rob, who is present in the trailer, was gonna fly to Japan a day after that party and the monster events.

Let's have a look around on that site. Not all pages are accessible. But there is an odd feature about the pages that are available. The main page background is on land, the Downloads page background is on air, and the History page background is on sea.

Furthermore, the six buttons on the main page cause popups of various animals, namely a Horse, a Whale and a Bird. Behemoth, Leviathan, Ziz
Could this be true? Sounds good and hopefully answers will come during the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con where Abrams is said to be appearing.


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