Thursday, July 26, 2007

Greg Grunberg in Monstrous?

According to TV Guide, Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Alias) may be casted in JJ Abrams Cloverfield. Its actually currently just idle speculation based on previous history as Grunberg and Abrams are friends from childhood (I think) and usually Grunberg gets a role of some sort in all of Abrams work. He was in Felicity, Alias, Lost (the pilot in the first ep), and I believe a small role in Mission Impossible III. The roles have all varied in size and depth so it could be a major role or just something as small as innocent bystander that gets killed by falling debris.

From TV Guide:
One movie that Abrams is casting Grunberg in is the buzzerific disaster flick known only by its myriad working titles (i.e., Cloverfield, 1-18-08, Slusho). "It'll probably be something where no one will be able to tell it's me," he said. "As you know, J.J. calls me his good-luck charm, so he's got to put me in there somewhere. I actually went to the set the other night, and it was really exciting and cool. The budget is not astronomical. But they're doing incredible things."

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