Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Two More Force Awakens TV Spots, Featurettes, Clip and Issac Talks About Poe

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens marketing machine continues at a nice steady pace. The latest PR releases include two more TV spots, a Rey featurette, and a promo clip from one of the Disney channels. If something new was shown it must have been quick enough that I missed it. Oscar Issac did hint at what the difference is between the previous trilogy's Rebellion and this trilogy's Resistance saying "One is to rebel against, so it’s an offensive action. Resisting is on the defensive. So I think the big difference is that [The Resistance] is even more cornered." The suggestion is the First Order is doing what the Empire couldn't and that is nearly wipe out their enemy.

The actor also spoke of how he ended up having an impact on Star Wars canon for his character. "This is one of the very cool things about working with Lucasfilm and J.J. [Abrams] is we’re creating this stuff together,” Isaac said. “And they’re open to that and they’re excited by that. So [the backstory] was a collaboration. That was me realizing that Yavin, the Rebel base at the end of A New Hope, was shot in Guatemala. I was born in Guatemala. This takes place 30 years later. Which is close to my age. And so I thought ‘Why couldn’t Poe be from Yavin? He could be from there, that rebel base.’ And I said that in some interviews. Lucasfilm heard that, it got back to the creators of Shattered Empire and they thought ‘That’s a cool idea.’ This is the first time where me talking about my character background I usually do as an actor, I get a comic book out of it. It’s pretty wild. They’re doing a beautiful job. I think it’s great. The story itself I had nothing to do with just the seed of that’s where Poe in born.”

Marvel's Shattered Empire story was a four issue series that took place just after Return of the Jedi and introduced Poe's parents who were part of the Resistance and fought with Leia and Luke. As a result for Isaac says for his character "The Resistance is everything to him. He comes from a line of Resistance fighters. He has pledged his total allegiance to the Resistance. He believes in The Force and he wants to take down the First Order. So he puts his life on the line at any given moment to do that.”

Finally he spoke about how the 30 year gap improved the X-Wing saying "They’re faster. They’re more maneuverable. Just think about a BMW from 30 years ago to now. It’s more computerized,” he said. “You notice instead of the four thrusters, it’s got the one that separates, it’s a more high powered engine. The guns also. The targeting is better on them, you can get way more specific with taking out individuals from very up high."

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