Saturday, December 12, 2015

Abrams Geeks Out on John Williams and More as World Premiere Prep Begins

One week to go for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Gwendoline Christie comments on Captain Phasma while the world premiere prep for the movie has begun. For videos we have a clip from JJ Abrams 60 Minutes interview that will air Sunday night with snippet of John Williams scoring the film. Then is another video interview from Collider with Abrams as he talks about length of the draft cut of the film (2.5 hours), guesstimates around 15 minutes or so of deleted scenes for home video, agrees Han shot first (with a no duh expression), and A New Hope is his favorite of the Star Wars films as Empire Strikes Back stands on the shoulders of the first film. After that is a promotion of the IMAX version of the film. If you are interested in pictures, click here for 16 new stills from the film.

Gwendoline Christie on Captain Phasma
- "I think that Captain Phasma in this movie is a Boba Fett style character in that she is not at the forefront of the action. But she makes a huge impact."
- "I’d never dressed up as a Stormtrooper before. And that was really, really fun. But it was very empowering. The costume, because it’s so high functioning, inflexible, imposing, that gives you the actor a lot of qualities immediately to work with."

World Premiere Prep
- Occurs Monday night in Hollywood
- Four blocks of the iconic street -- from Highland Ave. to La Brea Ave. -- were already closed to traffic Thursday night at 11 p.m.
- "This is definitely bigger than the Oscars," one production manager told THR Friday
- Disney and Lucasfilm have not officially told guests which theaters will be used in Hollywood for the premiere. The blocks of Hollywood Blvd. that are closed include three: The Dolby (where the Oscars are held), El Capitan Theater and the TCL Chinese Theater.

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