Tuesday, June 23, 2009

JJ Talks Shop With IF Magazine

In the recent issue of IF Magazine, JJ Abrams briefly talks about the various projects he has worked on in this last few years. A few snippets below, with the full article here.
In the story of Fringe, it is the end of one chapter and the beginning of another," he says. "If you look at this show as a series of standalone episodes, it works in that regard too. This show feels like it’s a tentpole episode in terms of the mythology, but it really does continue the story that from the beginning of the season we were going to tell. The first season was the set up, [the character's] roles, their job and getting a sense of the rhythm of the show, but this is a massive turning point in the long-term arc of the series."

The secret is to keep people around who you trust?
ABRAMS: Yeah, to keep honest people around who are talented and worthy and who will tell you the truth, when you have an idea. The scariest idea is people who are really talented who surround themselves with these sicko-fans, who keep telling them how good they are and say “yes” to everything. I’m always grateful for people who are able to encourage me and inspire me to do better and vice versa. Alex and Bob are incredible collaborators and we have an easy way of working hard together.

When did you realize that you were good at writing?
ABRAMS: I’ll call you when that happens [laughs]. Writing is hard, as you know. It’s more the satisfaction that you get after struggling so long with a story or a character. Directing is what I love to do and writing always feels like the necessary step to get the chance to say “Action”.

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