Friday, January 11, 2008

Cloverfield Premiere Review

Apparently the other day Cloverfield premiered and a few websites where apparently invited. Below are reviews about the film, all of which are very positive about the film. Another constant is that if you are prone to motion sickness, want to take meds before seeing the movie. Click the link below to read the reviews. I will add more as I find them.

Ain't It Cool News - "Utterly Brilliant." and "It is all at once art, commercial and grotesquely gleefully gargantuan."

Hollywood Elsewhere - "Cloverfield is a monster film unlike any other -- a complete original, but no less of a rock' em-sock 'em for that. It's amazing in that it's so short (by my watch about 74 minutes without credits), and yet so fierce."

Kid Reviewer - About the monster: "It was as if they took parts of sea animals, through in some extra arms and legs, and put them in a blender 400 hundred feet tall" with craplike critters that also attack (he compared them to Starcraft's Zerg). On the camera POW: "...very realistic, and helped create a sense of panic and fear" but " is very shaky and downright dizzying at times" and noted the viral marketing campaign isn't important to the film at all.

Dint Factor - "It is a monster movie, but not in the traditional sense. It's a love story. It's a story about obsession. About one man's obsession with this girl, and about how after he blew it a monster attacks the city. This gives him that one more chance to go and save her." Said this pic, is pretty close approximation of the monster and warned "Many will find this unsatisfying. The movie, that is. They'll complain about the lack of answers, and the abrupt ending."

Florida Venture Blog - Liked the monster, the way the POW amped up the action, personal backstory, "Hud the Stud". Disliked how short it was and some motion sickness it caused.

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