Tuesday, December 18, 2007

AICN Interviews Michael Stahl-David

AICN has posted another Cloverfield interview, this time with one of the leads Michael Stahl-David who plays Rob (the guy the party is for). The interviews covers how he got the role, some aspects of shooting the film, and what doing next.

The full interview is here.

- Got role after several auditions, first with a tape then two flights from New York to Los Angeles to audition.
- 1 auditions were based on scenes from the TV series Alias, to show how "would do in an intense circumstance". Second audition was a monologue written by Abrams just before. Doubt he did that for all of them so probably a good sign of interest in the actor.
- Does know the entire story, wasn't kept in the dark by the director (sometimes to retain secrets for movies actors will on get the script pages specific to their lines and no other). Since CGI was going to be inserted later, shown sketches and the like of what was planned.
- As far as the overall handicam look, he learned of it mostly from the released trailers ADR (automated dialogue replacement) that he did later to certain scenes.
- Describes the movie as "it's like a survivor movie.... It's a movie about a group of people in a crazy situation and trying to make it through it. And yeah, that involves a monster..."
- The party from the trailers before the attack is a going away party for Rob who got an job offer away from New York.
- About the other characters: Hud, friend and fun guy from college who does most of the camera holding work that Case Cloverfield is derived from. Also another character is Rob's brother, reckless partier. Beth, female friend that kind of want more with but never works out.
- Some actor bladder about how the camera as witness can't capture the "... subtle stuff that I'm doing with my face that would do to make it feel very natural..." which made shooting the film tough. Yeah the acting class blather annoys me anytime see or read it.

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