Monday, August 20, 2007

Monster(s?) Rumors is reporting some rumor about what the monsters will be in Cloverfield.

It's not Godzilla or Voltron (duh) or even Cthulu; anyone expecting there to be some sort of elaborately detailed backstory may be in for a disappointment. Expect an old-fashioned monster movie retold in a very modern Blair Witch sort of way - but with a twist. You see that giant monster that emerges from the ocean to begin laying waste to New York City ... it didn't come alone.

According to "Mr. Slusho", much of the movie will revolve around the characters fleeing for their lives, not from the big one stomping the city, but from the "raptor-like" smaller versions hunting them down.
This rumor actually sounds feasible. The current rumor indicates this is actually a rather low budget movie being filmed mostly from hand-helds in a man on the street format. Low budget means very careful and limited use of CGI and the like. Framing the film in the monster(s) initial attack and fall/retreat and focus the film on a group of friends trying to survive while telling their backstory allows for Abrams love of the flashback, and keeps the tension (never know when a mini-mon will strike) all on the cheap.

Think about monster films, its always about the rise and fall of the monster. If the rise and fall is incidental to the story and instead focus on the quest to survive, things get a lot simpler budget wise and creates a character driven story rather then story or CGI driven one.

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