Friday, August 3, 2007


Another interseting discovery from JayFive. The slogan for Slusho, an invented drink that seems tied into the Cloverfield mystery, is "You Can't Drink Just Six." A strange slogan that happens to also be a website. If you go to the website, it auto-redirects you to an article on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website for Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory. This is a legit government website.

The article is about a "bloop" sound that was record in the summer of 1997 of an unknown origin in the Pacific Ocean. The picture is the spectrogram of the sound and to hear it sped up 16x, click here.

The WHOIS information for the Slusho slogan site doesn't prove conclusivily if its related to other Cloverfield sites but considering the overall oceanic theme that seems to be forming, more then likely it is. I guess the clue is the bloop sound is coming from the monster that eventually invades New York.

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