Thursday, November 29, 2018

Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures Cartoon Shorts Series Trailer (Updated)

Disney has announced a new cartoon series of shorts called "Galaxy of Adventures" that will start on Friday on the Star Wars Kids YouTube Channel. The new channel exists to help parents indoctrinate their very young children into the Star Wars universe by presenting major moments from the original trilogy in cartoon form. Seems like some weird line is being crossed but whatever. Disney is just thinking the younger they are, they more money they will get over their lifetime.

Update: The six episodes are available now:

Luke Skywalker - The Journey Begins
Darth Vader - Power of the Dark Side
Luke vs. the Wampa - Cavern Escape
R2-D2 - A Loyal Droid
Chewbacca - The Trusty Co-Pilot
Darth Vader - Might of the Empire

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  1. ehhhhhh.... Cute idea, but pretty unimpressive in execution.