Saturday, October 27, 2018

Boba Fett Film Officially Dead

While this may seem obvious after reports of a Star Wars "slowdown" and work on The Mandalorian TV series, it has now been made official. The Boba Fett movie that had been in an on and off status for the last 3 plus years is now "100% dead". The movie was actually supposed to be released after Rogue One but director problems delayed it, moving the Solo film up to the slot. However that film didn't make the expected $1 billion box office causing Disney to over correct by essentially cancelling all movies that were not part of the core trilogy. Once the TV show was announced it was pretty clear that whatever pre-production work done on Boba Fett was re-used for the show (which I wouldn't be surprised includes Fett) making a movie redundant. As of now the known current plans for Star Wars is the Resistence cartoon series currently airing on Disney XD, next Chrismas' release of Episode IX, and The Mandalorian TV show for late 2019 on Disney's future streaming service. Nothing else official has really been revealed beyond rumors and possibilities.

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