Friday, December 23, 2016

Rogue One Locations, K-2S0, and Missing Trailer Scenes

Rogue One is doing very well at the box office with a worldwide total of $388.1 million. Despite that the featureless continue to promote the film. The first video called "Locations" discusses the various locations that were used by the film to look like a galaxy far away while the second film from Wired has Alan Tudyk discuss his approach to his character of K-2SO. Thanks to Feris O. for the links.

On the slight info front, you may have noticed that some of the early trailers contained scenes that were not in the movie. You can thank the re-shoots for that which do appear more extensive then Disney wanted to let on as it seems major acts were re-written, especially the ending. Here is a breakdown of those missing scenes. Lastly if it seemed a few scenes from Rogue One matched A New Hope for more closely then seemed should have, it was because they likely were actually footage from the cutting room floor for that film that was remastered by ILM. What scenes were not mentioned but Rogue One director discusses the footage with Collider.

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