Friday, May 29, 2015

Andy Serkis' Star Wars Role

The thing about a JJ Abrams you need to understand up front is the secret cone of silence covers all aspects of production for as long as he can retain them. There is no secret to small that shouldn't be held back for a moronic amount of time even though his very own experience should tell him its better to focus on keeping the big stuff quiet and let the small stuff go. On the other hand the cone of silence means that little tidbits of news gets play all over the web forcing me to do the same. So what is the big news? Well we now know thanks to a picture from Vanity Fair that Andy Serkis is playing an all CGI character called "Supreme Leader Snoke".

I guess because Snake just seemed to on the nose (and Snape was already taken). Yep that is all. What is he leader of? No info. What does he look like? Remains in the cone of silence until a toy leak tells us. On the bright side Snoke will be partially created by the world's acting expert on motion capture so at least we know he will be interesting to watch regardless of how likely Abrams screws up the character itself (Abrams is extremely weak when it comes to characterizing bad guys). So until next time when the interwebs report with breathless abandon on what the character looks like.

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