Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Star Wars Planning Tatooine Desert Set

It looks like Star Wars is returning to a location it has returned to many times before. According to The Hollywood Reporter, production is planning to rebuild the Skywalker homestead seen in the previous trilogies. Tatooine is the birth place of Darth Vader, previous domain of Jabba the Hutt and home of Luke Skywalker that kicked off the franchise. The somewhat decayed set used in the movies still stands in Tunisia where the previous movies filmed on location. However, the country is considered unsafe as politically unstable and under economic hardship that has increased incidents of terrorism and kidnapping. The main takeaway from this is the Episode VII story arc involves scenes at Luke's old home. I am betting Luke is retired and called back into service by Han or Leia with a goal to "introduce" him in a near similar way he was introduced in A New Hope.

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  1. PLEASE Mr. Abrams. PLEASE consider creating a Fringe movie. It could become a huge franchise like Star Wars or Star Trek.