Thursday, March 7, 2013

Revolution Webisodes Part 1 and 2, Preview

JJ Abrams' Revolution returns on NBC starting March 25 at 10pm EST and as a run up they have started posting a webisode series called "Enemies of the State" that acts as a kind of prequel as Neville begins his hunt for Miles who has just quit the Monroe Republic. The first two parts are below. In addition, Abrams himself introduces a sneak peak at the first minute of the return episode. The real question is can the series survive its six month hiatus, especially since NBC's ratings have achieved new record lows for network television? Are the kids, their behavior and response to circumstances still has childish and annoying as they have been for the first half of the season? Is a television shows capable of assuming that teenagers, much like adults, when faced with circumstances of life and death tend to be changed by those circumstances into something more mature and hardened rather then childish and reckless? Will the show begin answering questions instead of just adding new ones? I guess we will all start finding out in just a few short weeks.

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