Thursday, March 15, 2012

Person of Interest Renewed

JJ Abrams received some good news yesterday thanks to CBS. The network announced that Abrams' produced Person of Interest has been renewed for a second season. It was part of 15 other shows that the network has officially renewed including CSI, The Good Wife, NCIS and more. Two other Abrams' shows, Fringe and Alcatraz, remain in limbo but the prospects are not looking good for either judging by the ratings.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cloverfield Sequel Remains Grounded

While promoting The Cabin in the Woods, Cloverfield writer Drew Goddard provided an updated on the sequel. In short, nothing has changed. Everyone wants to do it but no real progress has been made due to other projects everyone is involved with. Unless Abrams' sells the rights for a direct to DVD movie, I would be surprised if a sequel ever happens.
“I wish I had a better answer (laughs), I wish I had an answer where it’s like, ‘Oh the sequel’s starting shooting at this time next year,’ but the truth is, these things take time.”

“I think if you asked J.J., Matt and I, we each have our own ideas of what we would want to do, which is kind of how the first Cloverfield worked, it was sort of a conversation between the three of us. I’ve certainly thought about it a lot and I think Matt said the same and J.J. said the same, we just haven’t got the three of us together in one room to figure out what we would want to do.”