Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jon Favreau to Direct Revolution Pilot

Iron Man I & II director Jon Favreau has agreed to direct the pilot episode for JJ Abrams' Revolution. The show was created by Supernatural creator Eric Kripke who will also write the pilot episode. Revolution is an action adventure drama that follows various characters as they attempt to survive in a world where all energy no longer exists. I assume this means man made energy (electricity, possibly gas combustion, etc.) since everything is energy in some form or fashion (wind, fire, water, or even a heartbeat).

According to Deadline, this is the first TV drama that Favreau has directed, normally doing the occasional TV comedy pilot. There are several reasons a movie director often will do the occasional TV pilot (but not direct any further episodes), most of it coming down to money. A feature director can often get executive future credit from that point forward (see Bryan Singer and House), good for building TV production companies (McG, Peter Berg) and because they sometimes get to craft and look and feel of the show with the pilot which continues to be used that point forward (Danny Cannon for CSI). I also understand that depending on the deal, the pilot director can get residuals from every episode for the show that is made after that. Nothing like the potential of continuing to get paid for doing nothing to make someone want to sign up for a pilot.

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