Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mission: Impossible IV Dead?

Deadline is reporting that the J.J. Abrams produced sequel Mission: Impossible IV may be killed by Paramount. The reason for the sudden turnaround is the "lackluster tracking" for Tom Cruise's current film "Night and Day" that was produced by 20th Century Fox. It seems that Paramount believes that if this spy film fails, then the $150 million MI4 is also doomed to fail so why spend the money needlessly. This is despite pay concessions from Cruise, a risk-sharing partner and desire to keep Abrams through his production company Bad Robot. Basically, if you are a Mission: Impossible fans, this weekend’s box office will likely make or break the chances of the film getting made.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Undercovers Pilot Script Leaked has posted images and a summary of the pilot episode of Undercovers that was written by show creators J.J. Abrams and Josh Reims. The script it’s with a disclaimer about the intended pace of the show as "scenes moving lightning fast."

The pilot does what it’s supposed to of setting up the home life/cover of Steve and Samantha Bloom's catering business while explaining why they rejoin the CIA (to hunt down their missing friend Leo Nash). Being a JJ Abrams show, there seems to be a central mystery involving something called Black Swan. Basically it seems like a more family-centric approach to the spy world, almost like Chuck without all the goofy characters and humor. Click here to view some of the pages from the script.