Thursday, January 28, 2010

JJ Abrams: The Board Game

It has been a long time since posted here. Sorry about that but with the secrecy Abrams likes to work in, it is difficult to actually talk about whatever he is working on except Fringe which Fringe Television does better than anyone else on the web.

Until news of note comes out, how about a game? In honor of the return of Lost for its final season starting next Tuesday, has created an amusing board game with "J.J. Widget" cards that cover many of the plots twists the writer likes to use in the various TV shows and movies he has worked on.

Click here to learn more and get large version of the game board and cards.
How to play: Take two six-sided dice and throw. Divide the result by fate versus free will to get the number of squares you can move forward. When you land on "Causality Loop," you have to keep rolling until your die roll equals the product of Faith x Science. If you land on "Symbol Overload," take a card from the "J.J. Widgets" stack in the center of the board. And yes, if you reach the final square, all of your questions will be answered!